Yarrow Primary School    Yarrow Valley    Selkirkshire    Scottish Borders   TD7 5NE       Tel: 01750 82235        E-mail: rwilliams@scotborders.gov.uk

Yarrow Primary School is shown by the red marker on the map and Kirkhope Primary School is shown in purple.


Our Partner School:

We are very proud to be linked to our partner school, Kirkhope Primary School, which is situated in the nearby Ettrick Valley. 



We all get together now and again during the school year for collaborative learning days and for some PE sessions.

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Kirkhope Primary School:

01750 52231

Friends of Yarrow, our Parent Council, is run by parents and co-opted community members and holds regular fun events and successful fundraisers.

To contact Friends of Yarrow please call Yarrow Primary School on 01750 82235.

 The Staff:

Mrs HoppĂ© is our teacher.  She is also the Principal Teacher for Yarrow and Kirkhope.  She teaches us 4 days per week and is out of class 1 day for management duties.


Miss Kiernan teaches us every Tuesday when Mrs HoppĂ© is out of class.


Mrs Brown is our classroom assistant.  She has worked at Yarrow for many years and helps us with our learning.


Mrs Hewson is our admin assistant and works in the office.  She also makes us toast every day which we love!


Mrs Bryson is our cook.  She makes freshly cook meals for us every day.


Mrs Robson is our Support for Learning teacher.  She visits once a fortnight to support us with our learning.


Mr Anderson is our P.E teacher.  He visits every Monday to teach us new skills and keeps us active.


Mr Halfpenny is our janitor.  He visits every Tuesday to do jobs for us.  He also likes a game of football at playtime!